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Recent Clients


Blatella Films - various voice over recordings.

Scan Audio Visual Ltd - Audio clean up for Brexit debate.

Ryan Philpott from Eastenders returns to create the 2016 Rochester Tour Bus soundtrack. - Sample Audio

Joris Van Goidsenhoven - Compose and produce music for a soon to be released video game '4 In a Blow'.

Wendy Parnaby and Sarah - Record vocals for Aaron Paul song.

US Client CGI Soundtrack - Current project Compose the score, sound design, foley and audio engineering for a 75 minute CGI Animation.

Scan Audio Visual Ltd - narrate and record voice overs for Kings Gate explainer videos.

Michael Bungay Stanier - Box of Crayons. - Podcast editng.

Voice Over - Russian voice over for a whisky company.

Kenny Knowles - Record, mix and master album for singer songwriter.

Ivan McLaughlin - Record, mix and master songs for singer songwriter.

Record David Hasselhoff for Shaddow Machine for Comedy Central season 2 episode 5 character The Wizzard starting at 5:39 and for Comedy Central season 2 episode 12 character Dr Chimp starting at 1:33 .

Virtual Past - create audio for WWI tank and bi-plane animations.

Ryan Philpott from Eastenders - create audio for Rochester tour bus.

The Velvet Tree - record and produce second studio album. Release imminent.

Chris Robson - record demo for local singer songwriter.

Hazy Days - record demo for local band.

Neanderthal - record Joe Reid on drums for their new album.

Virtual Past -create audio for projects at Wells Palace and Leeds Castle.

Blatella Films - various voice over recordings

Marco the Malta Bus - record and edit the Marco dialogue in Czech, Polish and Portuguese.

NHS SOS documentary - voice over recording and audio restoration.

Audio clean up and label - 54,000 word online language resource.

Produce orchestral scores in Sibelius for US client.

Soundz Studios Productions 2014-15

For more about audio produced by Greg Hobson, sound engineer and studio manager visit his website - or read more here.

state of the art equipment and software

Soundz Studios Southend aims to be the most current and up to date, service oriented, sound recording studio in Southend. Soundz runs Pro Tools 12 on a Mac Pro through a Tascam DM4800 digital desk and can provide up to eight individual headphone mixes during recording. Soundz also has Cubase 8 and Logic Pro X software and for mastering Wavelab 8. Monitors include Klein & Hummel, Avantone and Adam along with a range of non studio speakers for mix translation checking. Soundz has plugins from Digidesign, Avid, Izotope, Waves, Native Instruments, Sonnox, Nomad Factory, Steinberg, East West, and loads more and can record 32 channels simultaneously with 64 channels available on mix-down.

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Whatever your requirement Soundz can tailor the facilities to match your needs. Monday - Sunday.

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