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what does soundz studios offer?

It's simple; recording, editing, mixing, producing, mastering and composing to name just some of our services.

Whether you are a solo artist, band, string quartet, marching band or choir, Soundz Studios can record all of you and has two multi purpose studio/control/mixing rooms for instrument and ensemble and vocal recording. These are all linked to allow either to be the control room. Within the building larger ensembles can be accomodated if required.  

for the techie

Soundz runs Pro Tools 12 on a Mac Pro through a Tascam DM4800 digital desk and can provide up to eight individual headphone mixes during recording. Soundz also has Cubase 8 and Logic Pro X software and for mastering Wavelab 8. Monitors include Klein & Hummel, Avantone and Adam along with a range of non studio speakers for mix translation checking. Soundz has plugins from Digidesign, Avid, Izotope, Waves, Native Instruments, Sonnox, Nomad Factory, Steinberg, East West, and loads more and can record 32 channels simultaneously with 64 channels available on mix-down.


for the solo artist

Soundz can record you playing over backing tracks or accompanying yourself and can also find session players to accompany you if required.

for the home recordist/composer

If you have a project you have recorded that you would like to have mixed in a professional studio Soundz can mix and master it for you. Soundz can also provide session players to enhance your tracks if required. Projects can be loaded directly in to Pro Tools, Cubase or Logic.

after you have been recorded, mixed and mastered

If you need help putting your music on SoundCloud, CD Baby or other online resource Soundz can help here too. Quotes can be arranged for production of CDs. Price list here.

Greg Hobson - Fairly Sound Engineer, Studio Manager