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studio prices and costs

Soundz Studios, Southend, offers an alternative take on recording for groups, bands, and solo artists. Soundz is a service oriented studio, working hard to help you get the best from your audio at affordable rates. Soundz's objective is to assist in producing, recording, and developing artists whether they are singers, song writers, musicians, film makers, authors or drummers. Soundz offers experienced professional musicians, engineers, and audio technicians are able to offer you recordings of the highest standard.

If in doubt ask yourself this question; do other studios offer the same service as Soundz Studios in Southend?
Most often the answer will be - no! Call Soundz to find out what can do for you.



Professional studio recording
Professional studio recording ½ day
Professional studio recording hourly
Sound Engineering hourly rate
Studio experience days for adults
Standard audio book
Premium audio book
Professional CD creation from a recording session.

£200 per 8 hours
£110 for 4 hours
£35 per hour
£35 per hour 
£25 per hour per person, min 2 hours
Price on request.
Price on request.
First CD free £5 thereafter. Artwork and printing prices on request.